Endlessly Wearable, Ethical Swimwear. Meticulously crafted for the modern La Bohème.

We live to chase the sun, and we embrace sustainability as part of a curated lifestyle.

To us, curated means discernment. Quality. Impeccable fit.

The pieces you reach for again and again.

But it doesn’t mean boring.

We believe a bold pattern can be just as versatile as basic black

and we design vibrant pieces inspired by the most beautiful beaches on earth.

While most sustainable brands bill themselves as bohemian, we like to think of ourselves as La Bohème, bringing a bit of joie de vivre to sustainable style.

Because a day at the beach should be fun, non?

We live by example, and create the suits we want to live in

For us, sustainability isn’t a marketing tactic, it’s a way of life.

But it’s also not about getting bogged down in responsibility. Swimwear should be as carefree at a day at the beach, and to us, that means flawless fit, bold patterns, and a return to slow fashion as the rule.

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