Our Founder

Brigid Wygod designed her first swimsuit at age 8, but took… a few more years to bring her vision to life. Her two main passions have always been 1) chasing the sun, and 2) fashion (in that order,) but as a nationally ranked lacrosse player, her free time in school was devoted to sports. 

After graduating from Duke, she turned her attention to building her brand. She knew she needed capital to launch a label, so worked in finance for four years to learn about business, take the time she needed to research and perfect her product, and save enough to self-fund her line.


Ethical Beginnings

From the lacrosse field to the board room, Brigid’s always had a challenger attitude. Originally, she set out to create vibrant, high quality swimwear at an accessible price point. But as she learned more about production in the fashion industry, she realized she wanted to do more than design beautiful suits. She wanted to build a brand that matched her values, challenged the status quo, and inspired others to Follow Suit.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand. At Follow Suit, we aren’t sustainable because it’s trendy, we’re sustainable because it’s the right choice. We make endlessly wearable, ethical swimwear for the modern La Boheme, and we hope to inspire generations of sun chasers to come.