EXTENDED HOLIDAY RETURNS: All Orders Placed Between 12/1 - 12/23 Can Be Returned Until 1/15/22

Sourcing Materials:

We choose every supplier, manufacturer, pattern and material with care.

We only use fabrics that offer the highest quality and are made with sustainable practices.  Our suppliers monitor every single stage or our production’s cycle in order to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals and waste. 

We also use ECONYL® products where possible. ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon fiber crafted pre and post-consumer waste such as abandoned fishing nets, industrial plastic waste, and fabric scraps. Using ECONYL® instead of sourcing new nylon allows us to regenerate waste. 


Digital Printing: 

Our printed fabrics are printed digitally. Digital printing reduces fabric waste and allows for small runs of production. There is a sufficient decrease in the amount of dye that is used with digital printing, typically 90% less, compared to other traditional processes such as rotary screen printing. Digital printing also uses less than 10 liters of water per meter, compared to 50 liters per meter of water required for screen printing. 

Small batches are possible as patterns can be directly applied from a digital printer onto the fabric, without additional supplies, such as silk screens. Whereas, other printing mills will require large amounts of yardage to be ordered due to the additional development of making the screens. 
Digital printing also removes the need for excessive water and energy use during the post processing, dye setting step. With digital printing, color is locked in by heat fixating/steaming only, whereas other methods require lengthy washing procedures.


Dyes and Chemicals:

We strive to choose products that are Oeko-Text Certified, meaning that the raw materials undergo testing to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used nor released.


Ethical Manufacturing & Factory Visits:

All of our swimwear is made in the Garment city of New York City. Domestic manufacturing encourages a healthy local economy, ensures that employees are treated fairly under USA labor/worker protection laws, contributes to less pollution, and creates a smaller carbon footprint.

We regularly visit our factory to ensure both the quality of our swimwear and to ensure that the people producing our swimwear are treated respectfully, paid fairly and are working in safe conditions. We work with a female led factory and have developed close working relationships with the women that work there. 



In our efforts to be more responsible, we've recently switched to using compostable hygienic liners, compostable shipping mailers, and recycled poly-bags.